Mount Erciyes, the landmark destination for altitude training

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Mount Erciyes, the destination for training for altitude training
By Dan Mazilu – Oct 23, 2017 0
At the beginning of October, we were in Turkey to visit a good location for cycling or any other sport. The location is special because it involves altitude and as it is, the altitude training is better than the sea level. Destination was Mount Erciyes in central Turkey, the second largest in the country, just 30 km from Kayseri Airport equipped with the airport.

What is altitude training and what are the benefits?

Altitude training involves a number of changes that your body will perceive. On the one hand, the low level of oxygen in the atmosphere will stimulate the mass growth of blood cells in the blood and hemoglobin. On the other hand, the metabolism of the mules will be changed. As long as you stay altitude, you will not feel a performance increase, but once you return to normal altitude, your body will benefit from the extra oxygen transport oxygen. Think of the fire from a supercharged oxygen furnace. Something like this will happen to your mums who are now receiving extra oxygen.

For who is the altitude training useful?

Such training is more for professionals than amateurs. If amateurs generally train in the winter and spring for a good physical condition throughout the season, besides this training that forms a basis, the professionals are trained and specific for a certain competition that can have place anytime throughout the year. In order to have a competitive edge, this specific training can be done at altitude.

Where will I be staying and how do I get there? Why is it okay?

The altitude cantonment takes place in the vicinity of Mount Erciyes, which has a maximum altitude of 3,916 m. Taking Sibiu as a starting point, being in the center of Romania, you would drive 1,696 km if you were driving. By airplane, the ticket will cost you between 64 and 167 euro depending on the airline, the period and the time in advance of making the reservation. It is worth mentioning here that the Municipality of Erciyes has concluded a cooperation agreement with Turkish Airlines and, as a consequence, the transport of the bicycle by plane is free of charge. Accommodation is made at the four-star Hotel Mirada.

What is the altitude of the cantonment?

Studies have shown that more than physical effort at altitude is to sleep at altitude. The major advantage of the Erciyes location is that the Mirada Hotel is at an altitude of 2,200 m. At the same time, the training trails, whether on or off road, are between 1,000 and 1,400 m. However, the multitude The roadways in the area, the training course can pass daily, several times even through the hotel. So you can include climb to 2,200 m more times a day.

Why do you benefit from the hotel?

The accommodation system for those who choose to practice at Mirada is full board plus. That means that in the paid price you included the accommodation, all the meals of the day and the drinks. The hotel is equipped with all that is needed for cyclists to be able to work: indoor roller coaching room or trainer if the weather is unfavorable or you want to stay aloft, a secured parking lot bicycles, 18 × 7 m swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, massage, clothes washing and cycling, gps information with all roads and training trails in the area.


It is important to mention that the feed time is flexible. For example, you do not have to change your training time to get to the table in time. It is enough to announce, and the banner will be ready for your team when you want it.


When is it good to go, in what season?

Considering that you get here first and foremost for specific training and not for accumulation of kilometers, the time you go depends on the contest you are going to participate in. However, from a meteorological point of view, the optimum average temperature for Mount Erciyes is between April and October, with average values ​​between 8.3 in April and 18.6 July. For Kayseri, which is at an altitude of 1000 meters, the optimum period is the same as average temperatures are higher, with 10.3 in April and 20.9 in July. The maximum is 30 degrees in July and August.


How long does the training last?

For your altitude to have a “visible” effect on your body, it’s ideal to spend three weeks here. At this time he adds a week, which is best to spend in the geographical area where the contest is going to take place. The altitude effect is retained by the body for 10-14 days after you have lowered. Therefore, even with the reactivation period at normal altitude, it is good to do this training a month before the contest.

How are roads, asphalt, on and offroad routes?

Obviously, the quality of roads is very important for cyclists, and on Mount Erciyes and around, I saw only good quality asphalt. I’ve been walking a few hundred miles and rarely seeing some pits. Compared to our asphalt, here is note 8, 9 and 10. Also offroad the roads are excellent. We talk about the broad streets with macadam spread across the mountain. It is worth mentioning that the terrain is quite harsh and rocky. So, for MTBs, robust tires are needed.


For graduation, the main route passes over the mountain, through the hotel area built at an altitude of 2,200 m, where it is Mirada. It’s a new, super-wide road with two strips on the plus plus the emergency band. Traffic is very small. From the hotel you can descend in both directions on both sides of the mountain. Downhill you reach an average altitude of 1,000 m, where you can make your own circuit with as many tens or hundreds of miles as you want. Here, for the most part, the road has a meaningful band, but the traffic is not crowded.

Can family and friends come in?

Of course the family can come. However, the location is very specific to sports. Winter Erciyes is very animated and turns into the largest ski resort in Turkey. But the summer is a bit deserted. Vegetation is almost non-existent, and everything is rocky and erratic. The landscape, as usual in Romania, is not very attractive. Still, if you come along with family, there are options for them.


The most important attraction of the area is Cappadocia, about 80 km from the hotel. You have a lot to visit here. To cover the entire region, you need several days. You can also go to the foot of the mountain in Kayseri, an hour? very large and truly Turkish. You have a lot to visit here. Of course, you can climb the mountain. The peak is over 3900 m. It is a true mountaineering route. Last but not least, the family can accompany you to workouts or make your own separate tours from the group, not to mention the other facilities at the hotel they benefit from.

Do not forget to take your contribution. In Turkey only the bulletin is not enough.

How much does it cost?

For a day of accommodation at Hotel Mirada with all the benefits included above, the price is 34 euro / day / person in the double room. Single, the price is 45 euro / day, and in the triple the price is 102 euro. Most importantly, if you come with Turkish Airlines, bicycle transport is free of charge. Free transfer from the airport to the hotel is free of charge.


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