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    Damlataş Cave was found in 1948 when it was opened for stone pit during construction of port. Cave is on the west coast of the historical Alanya Castle. There is a 50 m at entrance of the cave. You can come to a cylindrical space after the gateway with 15 meters . After here, you can walk into the bottom of cave. Name of Cave “Damlataş” comes from the stalactite which exists by water droplets. Except of its beauty, this cave is popular because of its atmosphere helping people who have asthma illness. These people who come by doctor’s control stays in the cave for 21 days as cure. Weather of the cave doesn’t change during seasons, temperature is 22 C0, damp is %95, constant pressure is 760mm. In the weather of cave there are %71 nitrogen, % 20,5 oxygen, 2,5/10.000 (two and half to ten thousands) CO2 and some radioactive ion.
    It is the first cave which was opened to tourism in Turkey.

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